About Samira Zakerani

Samira Zakerani is one of the top renowned lecturers and over the years of experiences, she has gained the prize of the best woman lecturer in MBA area in 2016 till 2018 in Iran.

Samira Zakerani has been a lecturer in top ten universities of Iran such as Sharif University, Shahid Beheshti University and Tehran University and etc. And she has held a host of seminars about decision making in Iran metropolises for years as she has MBA and DBA degree.

She has performed hundreds of seminars, workshops and conferences about strategic decisions making, MBA, and MBTI (Myers-Briggs Typology Indicators), with cooperation of well-known giant business schools such as Mahan business school, Iranian House of Quality, Aya bossiness school and etc.

Samira Zakerani has also been an author of some famous books such as “Ace your Debate” and etc.

She’s been holding different courses and workshops about strategic decisions making, HR management and MBA courses for her students all around the world. In recent years, her approaches encourages people to promote their personal and professional skills regardless of the obstacles they encounter. Besides, not only her own methods of teaching is renowned, but they’re really beneficial for living.